Call for Abstract

Does your research have impact?

If there is one thing that all researchers have in common it is this: your work needs to have ‘impact’. The need to achieve impact applies to all academic disciplines and university departments, raising issues that every researcher needs to consider: What does ‘impact’ mean? How can you achieve it? And whether you are writing your project proposal, finalizing your thesis or submitting a paper, impact is a key issue that will be used to evaluate your research.

So this year our student research conference will be exploring the theme of impact, and examining what it means for our research. In the first instance we are inviting all research students to submit a short abstract of 200 words examining any aspect of the theme of impact, such as:

  • Why is impact so important for my research? Should it be?
  • Case studies (1): an example where you have demonstrated impact in your research.
  • Case studies (2): is there an example of a research project that has fallen short of achieving impact?
  • Case studies (3): how you are planning to achieve impact with an ongoing project?
  • What sort of evidence successfully demonstrates impact?
  • Who adjudicates the impact of our research, and how?
  • Where should academics focus their efforts to have impact?
  • Do you wish to acknowledge the value of previous knowledge and literature in you project and create an impact for future researchers as well?
  • What will research impact look like in the future?

We invite abstracts for oral, poster and/or performance presentations from all research students at University of Roehampton to examine this increasingly important topic. Please send your abstract submissions to: by Sunday 18th September 2016. For more information about the conference, please email Christle Coxon at or Nakul Shah

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