Sign up now!

Whether you would like to present your research at the conference as a poster, talk, or presentation, or whether you would like to attend and let yourself be inspired on how to make your own work more impactful – you can now sign up on Eventbrite!

It is totally free for Roehampton students of course, but will allow as to make sure you get a copy of the program and all the other goodies! Plus, a good estimate will assure that there is enough food (yes, free food!) for the lunch break as well as drinks for the reception!

If you would like to present your own work, remember that the deadline is 5pm, 9th of September!


‘Impact’ in the media

Just as we had decided to make ‘impact’ the topic of this year’s conference, the BBC decided to make a piece about it as well! Check it out here and get some inspiration for our conference!